ICA Conference and some unexpected news…

In my last post I said I was heading to ICA and that I would post about the ICA conference in Salamanca, Spain. The conference ended a month ago today. I wanted to write post right after the conference, yet I got unexpected news…

ICA went really well. I presented on the two topics I’m researching in two different panels: one on Central American migration and the other on Gender and Urban Planning in Medellin, Colombia in a panel I co-organized.


(University of Salamanca, Photo: Lirio Gutiérrez Rivera)

While I was in Salamanca, I received news that the dean had been appointed me head of the department where I work (Political Science). Everyone at the department is head at one point. I started on July 23, 2018, ever since I have had meetings (two to three) almost everyday.

One of the struggles is scheduling my writing. It’s tough when you have so many meetings a day. Some days I’m able to squeeze in 15 minute writing sessions. But there are days where it hasn’t been possible to write. I’m still figuring out how to schedule writing (and have the concentration to do that) when I have so many meetings a day.

I will keep doing my research on gender and urban planning in Medellin. I have another conference coming up -APSA (American Political Science Association) next week. Also, I’ll be heading a project on women’s empowerment in a municipality near Medellin. I’ll be posting about that project once it has started.