Back from vacation: My plans in 2018

After my last entry in December 2017,  I took a vacation until mid January. In Colombia, December and January is the long vacation period. I rested, went diving, read literature, saw movies (nope, no Hollywood). I started working last week. I’ve been preparing my syllabi, started writing and doing my research -in general, organizing my calendar.

What are my plans this year? Aside from teaching at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, I will continue my research on gender and the city in Medellin. Last week I made phone calls to community leaders, setting up appointments with them. I also went to the Planning Department in downtown Medellin to inquire about gender and urban planning. They gave me an appointment for the following day (hurray!).

This year I’ll be traveling a lot: I will be attending the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) in Barcelona, Spain in May. I organized a session and will also present a paper on female asylum seekers from Honduras. In July, I will go to the International Congress of the Americanists (ICA) in Salamanca, Spain. There too, I organized a session on the Latin American city from a gender perspective, and I will also present a paper on both women’s movements and planning in Medellín and, in another session, on gender-based violence of Honduran women. I am still waiting the reply of an abstract I sent to another congress.

So a lot will be happening this year: travel, fieldwork, teaching, writing, and surely much more.


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